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Possibly the World's Largest Home Server - The SuperStor

The SuperStor may sound like the grocery store down the way, but it is in fact a humungous server from British based Tranquil PC.


In response to many requests to expand their SQA past the 10x HDD limit (not incl USB ports), Tranquil PC have released the SuperStor – possibly the world’s largest non-industrial digital storage appliance when coupled with suitable HDD housings, ie the SQA-Ex – servicing up to 40TB (40,000GB) of data capacity. That’s approx 9000 DVDs or 60,000 CDs (or approx 12,000,000 MP files) !!!

The SuperStor features:

  • 2GB Memory (upgradeable)
  • Dual core D510 Intel CPU
  • 1TB Low Power / Low noise HDD
  • 4x spare HDD slots
  • Server recovery pack
  • 3x eSATA ports ?? all supporting Port Multiplier* (ie 5x HDDs can be added to each eSATA port)
  • 3 year warranty

*Port multiplier technology allows you to connect a single eSATA cable from the host (SQA SuperStor) to the slave (the SQA-Ex). Each drive inserted into the slave unit can be seen and accessed as if it was locally connected. There is no evidence of reduction of data flow when using this technology. Other port multiplier housing can be used but check that the box supports the Silicon Image Port Multiplier Technology, the SQA-Ex is possibly the best choice, not only does it look similar the SQA-SuperStor, but the HDD bays are all tool-less as they are on the SQA-SuperStor


The SuperStor is available to order now (shipping from 12th April 2010), with a special introductory offer which saves you £40.00.

More details and pricing is available from here.


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