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Intel Mini-ITX Mainboard Power Recovery Problems?

Have you heard of systems built around an Intel mini-itx mainboard that do not always power on after a mains failure?

If so, Tranquil PC have the solution for you in the form of the TPC0105. A module which like a little robot presses the power button for you each time the system has power applied to it.

The Intel mini-itx (Atom 230, 330 and N510 powered) main boards have had issues with AC Power recovery where the boards do not automatically power back up again after power disruption. An important feature for many Windows Home Server installations, where the servers are tucked out of the way.

This hardware fix in the form of the TPC0105 has been tested on ALL Atom powered Mini-ITX main boards, with a 100% success rate and will be available from the middle of February at a reasonable price.

More details are available from here.


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