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HP MediaSmart Server LX-195 Confirmed, Details Emerge

Word broke today that all the blurry photos and leaked press shots of the mysterious LX-195 HP MediaSmart Server are true, and details surrounding it are starting to emerge.

For starters, the LX-195 is powered by a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor paired with 1GB of RAM and a built-in 640GB hard drive, matching it up with other competitive home server products currently shipping. It carries a MSRP of $399 (street will probably be a little lower), which puts it a little more expensive than similarly equipped home server products. However, it appears this MediaSmart Server also includes many, if not all, of the unique features found on it's larger siblings, which could easily justify a few extra bucks.

Based on the specs and size, it appears this MediaSmart Server will be targeted towards users on  more of a budget, particularly if they're more interested in it's media serving features over it's data protection features. Like most expected, the LX-195 is going to be a single bay product that's expandable via 4 USB ports. This means that, like the EX-470 and EX-485, folder duplication won't be available until a second drive is added (the only difference being that here is that all expansion is external).

Stay tuned to MediaSmart Home for more on the HP MediaSmart Server LX-195...

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