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January 21, 2011 11:58 PM

Categories: Networking and Remote Access

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Jackie S.

Joined: 06/21/2010

My WHS was working fine until I connected an access point, now I don't have remote access.

The access point is a Sprint Airave made by Airvana, this is used to help with my cell phone coverage by taking my cell signal and sending it through VoIP.  Anyway, the configuration has to be:  Cable Modem --> Access Point (Airave)-->Route --->Windows Home Server. 

When the configaration was Modem-->Router-->Server  it was working well.  Now with this confiration, I don't have remote or web access. 

Is there a setting I should do to restore web and remote access?

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January 22, 2011 8:08 AM

Your Access Point is blocking or using the ports necessary to remote access your server. The essential ports you need to pass through are HTTP on 80, HTTPS on 443 and RDP Pass-through on 4125.

January 23, 2011 5:41 PM

Thanks for the info. I appreciate the this. After using this information, I called Sprint. Turns out that the Sprint Airave does not have to be connected to the modem directly and can be connected to the router. So in my case, it worked. The key was the order of power up. The Airave Arivana should be powered on very last, after everything is connected and powered up.

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