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August 10, 2009 03:21 PM

Categories: Hard Drives/Storage

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Joined: 12/29/2008

I'm currently running an EX485, and in addition to the 750GB Seagate drive that comes with it, I've added a couple of WD Blue drives (500 and 640) and a WD Green 1TB drive.  Overall, I love this system, but one thing that's slightly annoying is that the default Seagate drive is pretty loud (at least in comparison to the other drives).

 So my question is, what drive would you all recommend as the best replacement drive for this?  Criteria is that performance needs to remain close to equal to the Seagate drive, but substantially quieter.  Also, does it make sense to replace it with a drive of equal size, or would I be able to make use of a larger drive as part of the overall shared storage?  And lastly, is there a best-practices method for switching out the system drive, as I'm assuming it's more complicated than just replacing a pure data drive.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.

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August 11, 2009 2:28 PM

Oooh, I am going to jump on this and hopefully get some more attention for you. First things first, a lot of the folks here will advise you to search the forums for an answer to your question, since many of these issues are fairly common, and there is some great advice here.

It is my opinion that the system drive should not be as large as the other drives, since it's really not a good idea to put your data on the system drive, anyway. Again, that's opinion. Mine is based on the fact that the system drive is going to get a lot more work than the others, and you can even witness this for yourself, if you decide to install any of the good drive managment add-ins.

The only reason to make your system drive substantially larger is to serve as a fail-safe in case one of your other drives kick the bucket and you have folder duplication set.

As far as best practices go, I was too excited to receive my EX470, and so did not run it in a test environment first, with the option of upgrading/replacing the system drive with something bigger/quieter/more efficient. As I am sure others here would advise you, the earlier you replace your drive, the better - before data is written to the system drive. Hope it's not too late...

EX470, 2 GB RAM, 2x500GB, pooled; homebuilt WHS 160GB+2TB pooled; Dell Inspiron 1545, 4GB RAM, Win7 Home Prem x64; Macbook 13"; Homebuilt AMD Phenom BlackX4 8GB RAM, Windows 7 Enterprise x64, 250 GB system, 1 TB RAID 0 data

August 13, 2009 11:06 PM

Well, I'm guessing I'm too late. I've had my EX485 for about 4 months now, and there's definitely data on the main drive, and that's likely due to the use of folder duplication. Given that I am using folder duplication and plan to for the foreseeable future, I guess there is some use in replacing it with a larger drive, if only so I don't have to replace it again anytime soon.

So any advice on the best method of replacing the system drive?

August 14, 2009 9:49 AM


My System drive is periodically reporting errors and the frequency with which this is occurring is becoming more frequent. As such, I am going to replace my system drive before it gets a chance to fail completely.

What I am going to attempt (and you may want to try too, or wait for me to try it and see how it goes) is to pull the system drive from my WHS and add it and a new drive to an existing PC. I am then going to try to use a PartitionMagic type of software (I am currently leaning toward an Acronis product) to copy the old system drive on to the new drive and then readjust the partition on the new drive to give the system a bit more space (100 GB?). I will then put the drive back in the WHS and boot it up. Hopefully this will work!!!

I am planning on using WD Green 1TB drives.

-Martin EX475 + 11TB, 2 GB mem, LE-1640, HP 3.0 Upgrade, External DVD (USB) PC's: Windows 7 64 Pro, Laptops: Vista Home Premium (32), XP Home SP3 Network: DLink DIR-855

April 18, 2012 6:03 PM

Hi Martin,
I'm curious how your experiment played out? I'm also getting bad sector warnings on my system drive and I'm going to replace it.

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