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Creating a Home PC Restore CD for Windows Home Server on a Friday night - Video Edition

Do you know where your Client Restore CD is? Even if you do know where it is, you probably have an outdated version. Read on to find out where to get the latest version and to follow simple steps to download and create a CD for that PC Restore.

Windows Home Server Computer Restore CD



My neighbor asked me to upgrade the hard drive in his PC this weekend. I immediately connected it to my network and installed the Windows Home Server Connector. Once I completed the backup I realized that I had lost my Restore CD. The CD was packed up in some box somewhere and it was too hot to look for it. What‚??s a boy to do?

Well download and burn another one of course!


This computer was so ugly‚?¶how ugly was she? I had four beers and I still did not want to bring her home.

Yes, this was the same model featured in Miami Vice.

Mental Note: Even if I had found the disc it was probably not up to date for the latest WHS PowerPack.


Equipment Needed

  • ¬†Internet connection
  • Blank CD and burning software
  • One beer (Optional as always)


Video – Windows Home Server Restore CD

¬†Let‚??s see some video!

Windows Home Server Computer Restore CD


Short Version

If you have done this before and just need the link then right to: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=104683 and start the download. You can probably figure it out without following the steps.

Not So Short Version

Use the following steps to download and install the package.

Open the Shared Folders icon on your Desktop.

Home PC Restore CD

Open the Home PC Restore CD.

Home PC Restore CD

Double Click on the Read Me file.

Home PC Restore CD

Read the file and then Copy the URL link.

Home PC Restore CD

Paste the URL in a Browser Window and Download the file.

Home PC Restore CD

Save the file to your Windows Home Server or local PC.

Home PC Restore CD

Watch the pretty green bar go from left to right.

Home PC Restore CD

Verify that the file is on your WHS or PC after the download completes.

Home PC Restore CD

Right Mouse Click on the file and Click on Install. Great background eh?

Home PC Restore CD

Click on Run.

Home PC Restore CD

Click on Next and follow the prompts.

Home PC Restore CD

Home PC Restore CD

Home PC Restore CD

Home PC Restore CD

Home PC Restore CD

Home PC Restore CD

Once you are done with the installation a Read Me file will open with the location of the ISO file.

Home PC Restore CD

What is in the Read Me file?

This ReadMe document is one of the Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD files. Unless you changed the installation location during setup, the Home Computer Restore CD files and license terms are located in one of the following folders:
* On Windows Vista: %HOMEPATH%\Documents\Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD (Dual Boot)
* On Windows XP: %HOMEPATH%\My Documents\Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD (Dual Boot)

To use the Home Computer Restore CD software, you must write the ISO image file (restorecd_dual.iso) to a blank CD. A CD/DVD burner is required to write the ISO image file to the CD. Usually a CD/DVD burner includes the software that you need to write ISO image files. Follow the instructions with your burner software, and then select the option to write an ISO image, not the option to write individual files. Note that you cannot write the ISO image by using Windows Explorer to copy the file to the CD-ROM drive.

Burning the ISO image creates a bootable CD. To restore your home computer, boot the computer from the CD and follow the instructions.

Microsoft may update the Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD software. You can download the latest version from the Microsoft Web site at <a href=”http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=109282″>http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=109282</a>.

If you want to review the license terms for the Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD, the file EULA_DUAL.TXT can be found in the same folder.


Burn the ISO to a CD – Yes, a CD is fine

Use your favorite CD burning software to burn the ISO image to a CD and you are done.


I would suggest doing this BEFORE you actually need it. Having a spare disc around is always a good idea. Besides, it is good practice to have everything ready for that day when you need to restore one of your connected PCs. Oh, and it will happen. It is just a matter of when.

You also might want to have your drivers ready to go. Did you know you can get the drivers for your PC from your WHS? That is right, WHS saves the drivers for you. You do not need to look all around for them. Sweet!


Follow Andrew‚??s steps for getting the Drivers for your PC right off of your Windows Home Server at:



See you next Friday night,

Timothy Daleo

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