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WD Sentinel DX4000 Now Shipping with 16 TB Capacity

WD are now offering their Sentinel DX4000 with 16 TB Capacity for £1,749.

WD Sentinel DX4000 Front

Here's their press release:

WD® now offers its WD SentinelTM DX4000 small office storage server with a capacity of 16TB, in addition to existing shipping capacities of 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 12 TB.

WD Sentinel is a storage server designed specifically to meet the storage needs of small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). The WD Sentinel 16TB unit includes four 4TB hard drives, which offers small business owners the capacity, performance and capabilities they need to support their business. The WD Sentinel DX4000 small office storage server acts as the "on-premise cloud storage" solution for the SMB.

WD Sentinel offers SMB clients an easy to set up and easy to administer solution for managing their growing data storage requirements. It comes preconfigured from WD and can be easily setup into an existing SMB environment within 30 minutes. The WD Sentinel includes backup

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Converting to WHS 2011

If you are thinking of converting to WHS 2011 and currently have a HP EX470 or EX475 MediaSmart Server then you may want to read on.

Bruce Cowper takes us through his experience of backing up his data, creating both a USB boot key and a answer file and on installing Windows Home Server 2011 on his HP MediaSmart EX470.


Lots of insight on how Bruce got this no longer supported server up and running with the latest version of Windows Home Server, which you can read here.

Converting to WHS 2011 is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to MicroSoft Windows Home Server!

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 239


The latest episode of the Home Server Show podcast is up:

"A lot to cover in a short amount of time on this show. New gear and a lot of media related topics tonight.  I almost forget the lead! A new bare metal backup option is available for you although it will be for a limited crowd."

Episode 239 can be found here.

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 239 is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

SCALEO Home Server Replacement Recovery Disc

WeGotServed and the German www.home-server-blog.de site have been reporting issues where owners of the 1500 and 1900 Series Fujitsu SCALEO Home Servers have had problems when using the Home Server recovery disc to perform a server recovery.

This is due to incorrect labeling within the restore wizard confusing users by not letting them know whether their data would be deleted or not during the restore process.

Fujitsu have advised checking the server recovery disc for the following 2 affected codes:

  • 10600914335    DVD Server Rec. ??d /FSP:550001096    This shows the error ??for FSC-PC only??
  • 10600951197    DVD Serv.Rec.new-d /FSP:550001135 This deletes the content of the 1st HDD completely

If your code is one of the ones above then contact the Fujitsu support team who will offer the latest version (10601017968    DVD Serv.Rec.V2 d  /FSP:550001190), where the system partition can now be deleted and recovered separately.

More information and contact details for support are available

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Media Browser Server Public Beta

Media Browser Server has been released for users of Server 2008, Server 2012 and WHS2011.

Media Browser Server Beta Logo

Media Browser 3 Server is a centralized solution. Maintain your library just once no matter how many devices you have accessing it. Manage plug-ins and everything else in one place for your whole home - all with a sophisticated but dead-easy-to-use web configuration platform.

If you fancy public beta testing Media Browser Server, then you can find it here.

Media Browser Server Public Beta is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

Seagate's 4-Bay Business Storage NAS Features

More details on Seagate's New 4-Bay Business Storage NAS which runs Windows Storage Server 2012 is available from Microsoft's Windows Storage Server blog.

The article highlights the extra features which Seagate have included in their 4 bay NAS:

  • Seagate System Monitor

 Seagate System Monitor

  • Free EVault Offsite Cloud Backup
  • Built-In Universal Storage Module (USM) Slot

You can read about them here.

Seagate's 4-Bay Business Storage NAS Features is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

Personal Online Backup Host (OBH) - Part 1

About the Personal Online Backup Host (OBH) article series

This first in a series of six articles will describe Personal Online Backup Host (OBH) which is the latest software product released by electrongoo, llc. As of this writing the software is in final beta and due for release in June 2013. This first article will cover a high-level non-technical view of the OBH product and its supporting technologies. The articles that follow will dive deeper into the technology; with detailed how-to's and product-use ideas.

  • Article 1: High-level walk-through
  • Article 2: Configuring your server for web access
  • Article 3: Installing and configuring the Online Backup Host server and administration panel
  • Article 4: Installing and configuring Archive Manager for client data protection
  • Article 5: Installing and configuring the Windows Explorer add-in for drag-and-drop file sync
  • Article 6: Software lifecycle, maintenance, and tips-and-tricks

What is OBH?

Personal Online Backup Host (OBH) is a unique software solution that gives you the power to host your own private cloud storage directly on a 64-bit Windows-based server (WHS Server 2011, Server 2012 Essentials, Server 2012, Server 2008, or Windows Desktop (Vista, 7, or 8) + Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or later). The Windows server can be located physically on-premises at your business or home; or in co-lo such as GoDaddy, Microsoft Azure, or 1and1.

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Add-In: WHS Office 2011 v1.92.922.922

The Office Maven has upgraded WHS Office 2011:

"WHS Office 2011 is a Windows Server Solutions add-in for use with Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, or Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials. It provides individual user-level access to the Microsoft Office applications from your server."

WHS Office 2011 Dashboard in WHS2011

Version 1.92.922.922 can be found here.

Add-In: WHS Office 2011 v1.92.922.922 is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

Add-In: Dell AMT vPRO Plugin for SBS 2011 Essentials

For those of you using SBS 2011 Essentials in a business environment, Dell have released an add-in that provides an out-of-band management solution for select Latitude, Optiplex and Precision Systems.

Dell AMT vPRO Plugin for WS2012e

Here is the spill on the Dell AMT vPRO Plugin for SBS 2011 Essentials:

The application allows you to remotely manage client systems regardless of the state, the system power, or operating system is in. You can use Intel AMT vPRO Plugin management utility to perform the following tasks:

  • USB Provisioning
  • Perform client configuration like-
    ?Configuring power profile
    ?Configuring the boot order
    ?Configuring the BIOS settings
    ?Configuring BIOS passwords
  • Perform remote operations like ?Perform KVM sessions
    ?Remotely manage power settings
  • Generate reports for Hardware Inventory, Battery information, Out-of-band Manageability, and system provisioned.
  • Monitor task progress and details

You can download the add-in directly (exe) from here.

Add-In: Dell AMT vPRO Plugin for SBS 2011 Essentials is a post from:

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Virtual Machine hosting platform on WHS 2011

Matthew Hodgkins has been in touch to let us know that he has posted part 2 of his article on running VirtualBox directly on Windows Home Server 2011.

In this 2nd installment Matthew explains how to automatically start and stop virtual machines on both boot-Up and shutdown and how to use the Windows Home Server user accounts to access the VirtualBox web interface.

IIS Manager for VirtualBox Web Interface

But there's more:

One of the great features of VirtualBox is the remote desktop access to the Virtual Machines using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol. phpVirtualBox utilizes this to allow us to remotely manage our virtual machines using the web interface.

A very comprehensive tutorial on getting VirtualBox configured enabling you to have a great Virtual Machine hosting platform on top of Windows Home Server 2011.

You can find the second part of How to run VirtualBox on WHS 2011 here.

Virtual Machine hosting platform on WHS 2011

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Add-In: WHS Outlook 2011 Released

The Office Maven (also known as Kike Craven) has released WHS Outlook 2011 an add-in for Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

WHS Outlook 2011 can now run Microsoft Outlook on any computer on your network (or on any computer anywhere in the world) just as if it were running directly on the local computer. Outlook runs in its own fully resizable window with its own entry in the taskbar. Its popup windows are redirected to the local desktop, its notification area icons appear in the local computer's notification area, and the local computer's drives and printers can be redirected to it; making a completely seamless experience for the end-user.

WHS Outlook 2011 Dashboard

It allows a single installation of Microsoft Outlook to be shared by up to 10 computers on your network (up to 25 for SBS and WSS). Providing all of your users with full access to their e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. locally from their network-attached computer, or remotely from anywhere in the world using the server's built-in Remote Web Access website.

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Add-In: Lights-Out 1.5.2 Build 1737 (Service Pack 2)

Service Pack 2 for the add-in Lights-Out has just been released.

Service Pack 2 adds many new features to this add-in which is used to put a Windows Home Server into suspended mode or hibernation and resume on user defined events, the most important one being the new Mac Agent which is supported on both WHS 2011 and v1.

What's new in version 1.5.2 Build 1737 (Service Pack 2)

New Mac Agent for OS X!

A client package is now available for all users running Apple Mac Computers with their Windows Home Server 2011.



See here for installation and operation.

New option for client action after backup

Service Pack 2 introduces a new client option called "Force end action". This option is enabled by default to ensure the previous behavior. If you disable this option, the action after backup is only executed if a start-up or wake-up for a scheduled backup has been detected AND if there has been no user activity in the last 10 minutes or during backup.

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WS2012 Essentials on HP Hardware

The HP and Microsoft blog "Coffee Coaching" have details and a video on HP hardware for Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 Server

The HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 and HP ProLiant ML350e Gen8 Server are both taken a look at.

You can find more details here.

WS2012 Essentials on HP Hardware is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

The NAS HDD Showdown

TweakTown have a NAS HDD showdown between the WD Red vs the Seagate NAS.


A very thorough 6 page review can be found here, but in conclusion they are both as good as each other.

The NAS HDD Showdown is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

Diskeeper 2010 Home Server Edition Review

This new edition from Diskeeper looks pretty good, I have to be honest I have never been a big fan of Diskeeper, I have always felt O&O Defrag has always had something more to offer.

The initial install is very standard apart from the fact you have to install the initial software from the WHS console and then do a second install for the WHS console integration. In previous editions this has been done through the use of Remote Desktop Connection, where you had to install the program direct to the server and then install the WHS console addin. So I have to say this new way of installing is a welcome addition for many, which should make this program more easy to use.


There is an install guide here.

Once the program was installed, my initial impression was this looks very cramped. I can??t help thinking that Diskeeper have taken their normal desktop program and just blatantly forgot that the WHS console is a lot smaller and cannot be maximised, essentially shoe horning the program onto WHS.

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Update Rollup 3 for Essentials 2012 Released

Update Rollup 3 for Server Essentials 2012 has been released.

UR3 for WS21012 Essentials Available

UR 3 includes new solutions to skip DNS auto-detect and configuration on the client, contains new Best Practice Analyzer (BPA) rules and introduces a new Branding name for the Windows Azure Backup integration add-in.

The following 12 issues are resolved with this release:

  1. Windows Server Essentials Group Policies do not work in Windows 8.1.
  2. Client Backup stops at the "In progress" status when the destination disk is full.
  3. When you run Microsoft Office 365 Windows PowerShell cmdlets by using non-administrator permission, Windows Server Office 365 Integration Service crashes.
  4. When you delete users who have a Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 mailbox assigned, the Windows Server On-Premises Exchange Integration Service crashes.
  5. Assume that an Office 365 user tries to change their password. If the password cannot synchronize to the Office 365 servers, the user cannot change their password.
  6. Assume there is a situation in which the password synchronize service is stopped. When password synchronization is attempted, the synchronization failure is not reported.
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LaCie 5big Office + with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials Reviewed

WeGotServed has a review on the LaCie 5big Office + which uses Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

The 7 page review looks at what is included in the box, the units features and specifications, the initial setup process, which is then followed by plenty of performance testing.


The LaCie 5big Office + was awarded 7/10 by WeGotServed. You can read their full review here.

LaCie 5big Office + with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials Reviewed is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

Installing uTorrent on Vail

uTorrent on Vail Service Properties thumb Installing uTorrent on Vail

Pravesh Soni has an update to an article we wrote back in 2007 on installing uTorrent on Windows Home Server. Pravesh has updated the article for Vail and installs uTorrent as a service, which you can find here.

Installing uTorrent on Vail is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to MicroSoft Windows Home Server!

FREE Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release eBook

The 'Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release' book from Microsoft Press is now available as a free download and is a great way for you to see what's new in Windows Server 2012 R2.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release eBook

You can download the 108 page PDF from here: http://aka.ms/IntroWinServ2012R2Preview/PDFebook

FREE Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview Release eBook is a post from: MS Windows Home Server - Your Personal Guide to Microsoft Windows Home Server!

WHS 2011 Computer Monitoring Error since UR2

I updated my install of Windows Home Server 2011 with Update Rollup 2 (UR2) and iv started to get a computer monitoring error popping up in my system tray and a warning alert in the Alert Viewer and it seems I am not the only one.

One user submitted a bug report for the issue and so far 30 users have stated that they can reproduce this bug. Community forums are reporting quite a few users are experiencing this issue too. So far Microsoft have responded with the following statement:

This alert is caused by an internal error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object", we are investigating the root cause, a quick workaround is you could "Ignore" this alert, do not "Delete".

Computer Monitoring Error in Alert Viewer

If you are experiencing this error too may i suggest that you report it here so this issue can be resolved.

WHS 2011 Computer Monitoring Error since UR2

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