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Windows Home Server gets Strictly Sexual

Starting today Microsoft have two 30 second commercials which they are showing on Hulu.

The commercials will be running for a 3 month period throughout 25 different shows, on the free online video service, including Lost, 24 and Strictly Sexual:

  • Lost
  • The Simpsons
  • Human Target 
  • Burn Notice
  • Fringe
  • 24
  • Chuck
  • Heroes
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Archer
  • Caprica
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Legend of the Seeker
  • Fight Science
  • Better Off Ted
  • Dollhouse
  • Strictly Sexual
  • Samurai X
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • The Beast
  • Cops
  • Bleach
  • Sanctuary
  • The Jay Leno Show

Both videos feature a genie, with the enthuses on "The Genie in the Box", with Windows Home Server being a magical device – Which it is.

One video highlights data recovery whilst the other is on digital media.

Windows Home Server
The Genie in the Box.
Emergency data recovery, as if by magic.


Windows Home Server
The Genie in the Box.
All your digital media, at your command

Read More

Add-In: Directory Watcher

Directory Watcher is an add-in which monitor your folders on the home server and notifies you by email about any changes to it. Can you not reach your email account, you can retrieve the feed on the public website with all the changes.

Directory Watcher View

You can:

  • Set the folder to be monitored
  • Set the file types which are to be monitored (since version 1.1 you can exclude certain extensions)
  • Type of notification (Notification to clients, RSS feed, email)
  • Read the status of the service
  • Number of days to log the events
  • Care of the email data
  • Since version 1.1 – daily notification summary

Directory Watcher  Settings

The latest version includes the following changes:

    • Supports German
    • RSS feed internally
    • flicker limited by reload
    • test mail will now work
    • Creator will shown by mail
    • Messages with QMessagebox
    • Fixed bug in feed production
    • Exclude by file extensions possible
    • Notifications collect (eg, only 1x week / 1x daily)
Read More

Remove a Computer from WHS

If you no longer need a PC to be monitored by Windows Home Server, then the How-To Geek has a post on how to remove it. It’s very simple to do and is an ideal post for the newbie’s (which we all were once!).

How-To Geek Remove a Computer

You can find it here.


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A 4 Drive Enclosure to Expand the MediaSmart or Aspire EasyStore


The Icy Dock MB561US-4 is a high capacity four drive enclosure ideal to expand your HP Media Smart or Acer Aspire EasyStore Windows Home Server. And bit-tech.net has details of the perl white USB and eSATA multi bay external enclosure, which you can read about here.


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Add-In: MSS Fan Control

The add-in MSS Fan Control has been updated to work with the 3.0 software upgrade from HP.

  MSS Fan Control

MSS Fan Control supports EX47x servers running either HP 1.3 or 3.0 software and allows you to change the behavior of the exhaust fans in the MediaSmart Server.

More details are available from here.


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Developers - Implement an Update Check into your Add-In

If you are an add-in developer then Andreas M has a post on how to implement an update check into your add-ins.

All the details and the code are available from here.


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Add-In AdminMe at a Reduced Price

Although the add-in AdminMe has 99.99% of its functionalities enabled in the unregistered version, it is recommended to register a small license fee and support it’s development. And as an incentive the developers "ASoft" are offering a spring special where you can order the add-in for just $6 (‚?¨6/¬£6).

The add-in constantly monitors your server without you having to do anything, and if something goes wrong, it will notify you.

More details are available here.


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Automatic Router Port Forwarding Tool

There is a simple tool available which makes it easy to open ports on your home router.

Simple Port Forwarding is a free application which supports over 1,100 models of router. The app saves the steps to configure the router into its database and updates your router without the need of you doing it yourself, ideal if your router interface isn’t the most friendly to navigate.


More details are available here.


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Rip DVDs to Play on Any Device

The dudes at Tested.com have a really good guide on how to rid your DVDs to play on any device.

Ripping your DVD collection to a compressed, more compatible format will enable you to store more DVDs on Windows Home Server and allow you to stream them to your Windows Mobile, Zune, iPod/iPhone etc.

Handbrake for Windows

Its a great guide which goes through the various software packages available for both the PC and Mac user and the various presets available for your different devices:

  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation 3
  • AppleTV
  • WD TV/Popcorn Hour/Asus O!Play/Seagate FreeAgent/Etc
  • iPhone/iPod Touch
  • ZuneHD
  • Playstation Portable

Their comprehensive guide is available here.

From Frankenbox to MediaSmart

Going from a "Frankenbox" build to a MediaSmart EX485 from HP, Jason Dunn filled the bays with the fast, quiet and power-efficient Western Digital Caviar Green series hard drives.

MediaSmart with Western Digital Green Drives

Was it worth the switch going from the self build to the HP unit?

Jason says absolutely. It allowed him to go from a mess to something which is neat, tidy, power efficient as well as space saving and a 270% increase in speed when copying files across

You can read Jason‚??s experiences here.


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Test Post

This is a test post.

Setting up iTunes Server and HP Media Collector

Timothy Daleo has a great video on how to setup the iTunes Server for those of you using the 3.0 software on a HP MediaSmart.

The video shows how to configure the server for iTunes and setup the associated HP Media Collector.

You can find the video here.


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Enable Media Streaming in WHS to Windows Media Player

The How-To Geek looks at how to enable media streaming in Windows Home Server to Windows Media Player in both Vista and Windows 7.

How-To Geek Media Streaming WMP

The tutorial takes you through the process of getting it setup and configured which you can find here.


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The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 81


The Home Server Show podcast episode 81 is out with the latest news and views about all things Home Server.

Its available here.


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WHS - A Look At

Borg Custom Audio and Video Ltd take a look at Windows home Server.

The company that specializes in media room, lighting control and automation tells us about what WHS does and looks at the HP MediaSmart too.

I use a Windows Home Server to stream my content to the Apple TV. And to backup all of my computers. And to use as a file server. And a torrent downloading machine. What else‚?¶ Oh yes, I have it setup to automatically connect to my website and back it up on a nightly basis as well. That‚??s what I do with my WHS.

You can read it here.


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Mozy Online Backup Coming to WHS

Digital Home Thoughts is reporting that online backup provider Mozy is nearing completion of a Windows Home Server add-in.

Every few months writer Jason Dunn emails Mozy to ask them to create a version of their software for the Windows Home Server platform. Imagine his surprise when they responded with this email:

"Our Research team is working to develop a client for Windows Home Server for MozyHome customers. Once it is developed you can switch back to MozyHome and back up Windows Home Server."

They also added that it "should be launched very shortly."

From DigitalHomeThoughts.com.


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Virtualizing Home Server On Hyper-V

Thanks to reader Dale Branson who directed us to a post on Virtualizing Windows Home Server On Hyper-V.

The post explains how to install and configure Microsoft’s free Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 software and run Windows Home Server on it as a virtual machine.

WHS Console on Hyper-V

Its a very detailed post which you can read here.


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Add-In: WHSClamAV 0.1.6

A new version of the add-in WHSClamAV has been released.

Version 0.1.6 of the free open source add-In for Windows Home Server using the ClamAV Anti-Virus package, includes the following changes:

  • The scanner and update processes are now as Windows Services
  • Cleaned up the GUI
  • Added the ability to scan particular shares and provide alerts if a virus is found

To get the later working it will be necessary to uninstall ClamWin from the settings tab and reinstall ClamWin after the new Add-In has been installed/updated.

Still to come in later versions:

  • Setup automatic scanning (including doing a virus DB update before the scan)
  • Allow customization of key ClamWin settings
  • Provide a means to populate the User Defined scan

WHSClamWinnAV can be downloaded from here.


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What Backup Policy Do You Follow?

Tranquil PC are asking the question "What data protection policy should you follow?"

Which is a question I am sure you have asked yourself before.  Do you either ‚??move‚?? your data files to the duplicated folders on the Windows Home Server, where your data is safe, or do you keep the data files on your PC and rely on the Windows Home Server PC backups facility?

Both scenarios are looked at with examples given to help you decide, which you can read here.


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EX495 - Data Collection, Video Conversion and More

ubergizmo gives us their take on HPs EX495 MediaSmart Server.

Ubergizmo EX497 Video Conversion

Their review goes through setup, the administration interface, the backup and restore process, remote access, data collection and video conversion. And Mac users are catered for with the details on Time Machine support too.

You can read their review here.


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