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How To Contribute Your Add-In to the MediaSmart Home Community

If you're a Windows Home Server Add-In Author, you can help enhance the MediaSmart Server and Windows Home Server experience by making it easy to help others find and enjoy the add-ins that innovative folks like you have worked so hard to produce. In a few simple steps, you can present your work to one of the largest populations of Home Server owners, HP MediaSmart Server owners.

To submit your add-in for download on the MediaSmart Home Add-In page:

Step 1: Create your free MediaSmart Home user account

To submit your add-in, you'll need to create a free MediaSmart Home user account. Setting up your account only takes a minute. It's recommended that Add-In authors choose a display name that they'll want associated with their add-in here on the site.

Step 2: Visit the Add-Ins page and submit your add-in

Once you've verified and activated your free community account, log in and go to the Add-Ins page here at MediaSmart Home. In the upper right hand corne, you'll see a link to "Submit New Add-In."

In the form that's presented to you, you'll see three fields:

File: Click the "browse" button to navigate to the .zip or .msi file for your add-in.

Display Name: Type in the name of your add-in. If you have a version number, it's recommended to also add-it after the title. Example: "My Mega Add-In v2.5"

Description: Please add a description for your add-in. Be as detailed as you want. Don't worry about screenshots on this page, you'll be adding those shortly.

When you're all set, hit the submit button in the bottom left hand corner. You'll be shown the download page for your add-in.

Step 3: Add your screenshots

Adding screenshots will give others an idea on what your add-in looks like, how it works, and what to expect, which also means its much more likely someone will try your add-in. You can add a gellery of screenshots to your add-in for people to browse. There is no limit to how many screenshots you can add.

To add a gallery of screenshots click the "Create Gallery" button

On the Edit Settings tab, you'll be presented with two fields. Both with be filled in with the information you gave while submitting your add-in. However, you can make changes to both the gallery name and description if you choose:

Gallery Name: The name for your gallery

Description: The description for your gallery.

When you are happy with your name and description, click the "Upload Images" tab. Here you will add your screenshots to your gallery.

Click the "Select Images" button, and browse to your screenshots. You can select one or more images in a folder to upload at any given time. Wait for the images to upload and the thumbnails to appear. When you are finished uploading your screenshots, click the "Manage Images" tab to continue.

On the "Manage Images" page, you can change the order of your screenshots or add captions to each. These activities are optional, but captions may help users better understand the screenshots.

Step 4: Finish and sumbit your screenshot gallery

When you are finished adding captions or changing your image order, click the submit updates button. Once you are finished managing your images, click the "View Gallery" tab to continue. Verify that you are happy with your gallery. If you want to make changes, click the tabs to return to previous screens, or if you're satisfied, click "Publish" at the bottom of the page.

That's it! You're all set. From here, MediaSmart Home site administrators will verify your download and make it available for MediaSmart Home visitors to discover, download, discuss, and enjoy. It may take short while before your add-in will appear on the add-ins page.

The entire MediaSmart Home Community thanks you for your time and effort in creating your add-in and enhancing our Home Server experience.

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