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How To Configure Your HP Photo Webshare

Sharing photos via Photo Webshare allows parents or friends view and share photos from any Internet connected computer. In no time you can quickly and easily personalize your Photo Webshare, set up email notifications, create Webshare managers, and determine visitor upload limits. Follow these steps to begin configuring your HP MediaSmart Photo Webshare.

Figure 3: Configure your HP Photo Webshare
Configure your HP Photo Webshare
To Access Photo Webshare Settings
Double-click the Windows Home Server icon in the system tray. Log on to the Windows Home Server Console. Go to task 4 of the Assistant and click Configure. For additional information, see Opening and Closing the Assistant on page 2-4. If you are not following the Assistant, click the MediaSmart Server tab and click Configure under Photo Webshare Settings. The Windows Home Server Settings page displays with HP Photo Webshare selected in the left menu. The following options are available: Webshare name—name your Photo Webshare. This will be at the top of every Photo Webshare page and in the email announcements. Webshare notifications—allows you to send email notifications to announce additions or changes to a Photo Webshare Album. For more information, see Notifying visitors by email on page 5-18. To configure, click the Configure or Modify button. For information on configuring this option, see Photo Webshare notifications on page 2-19. Webshare managers—all users are listed. A check mark indicates who can create, edit, or remove albums and visitors. Visitor storage limits—set the amount of disk space that visitors can use for uploading photos and video clips before they are approved by a Webshare manager.
Photo Webshare Notifications
The following options are available: Use the TZO service to send Photo Webshare announcements on your behalf—available only if you have previously selected to use the TZO service. For more information, see About HP Personal Domain Name by TZO.COM on page 2-16 or About TZO.COM Custom Domain Names on page 2-16. Use your own email provider to send Photo Webshare announcements—send email through your own email service. Some web-based email services, such as Hotmail, are not supported. If choosing to use your own email provider to send Photo Webshare announcements, you must enter your email account information, including the name of the SMTP server. You can get this information from your email provider or from the email account settings on your email program. Do not send any Photo Webshare announcements.
Notifying Visitors by email
Sends an email notification to visitors to let them know a new album has been created. If you make changes to an album later, you can come back to this page and send another notification.
The Notify page is one of the tabs in the Create New Album wizard. Once an album is created, you can return to the Notify page by clicking Manage under each album on the HP Photo Webshare home page. The Photos page opens. Click Next until you advance to the Notify page or click the Notify tab.
Figure 4: Sample email notification
Sample email notification
  • Groups - Check the groups with whom you want to share the album. Click Select All to share the album with all groups. Click Select All a second time to deselect all groups. Click the arrow next to each group to expand the group and see the visitors in that group. Select or deselect individual visitors with whom to share the album.
  • To - You can directly type in email addresses to share with users who are not already visitors, and you will be prompted to setup a new visitor account. If you would like to notify existing visitors, ensure they are selected at the left for sharing and then select them from the drop down list.
  • Subject - type a subject line for the email notification. HP Photo Webshare puts the name of the album in the subject line if you do not type one.
  • Message - type a message for the email notification. By default, this field is the album description.

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